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Net-Euratom 2nd Stakeholders Training

​​​​​Net-Euratom 2nd Stakeholders Training: "Euratom Research and Training Programme: State of art in 2021-2022 calls for proposals" 29 June 2023

Online (zoom platform) 10.00-12.00 CEST

Target audience: Stakeholders interested to apply in the Euratom Research and Training Programme. The event is open to National Contact Points as well.

Published on 29 June 2023



Introduction of basic information about the NetEuratom project | Coordinator Vasiliki Kalodimou, PRAXI Network/FORTH, EL                                                                          


HORIZON-EURATOM-2021 and 2022 calls – state of the art | Veronika Korittová, TC Prague, CZ


Q&A session



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Trainer-Veronika Korittova Trainer - V Korittova.jpg

Veronika Korittová is a manager of the Technology Centre Prague since September 2011 and works at the National Information Centre for European Research department. She is the National Contact Point (NCP) for Cluster 5 - Climate, Energy and Mobility of Horizon Europe and she is the NCP for Euratom as well.

She received her M.Sc. from the The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT Prague), Faculty of Technology of Fuels and Water, with specialisation in petrochemistry. She speaks English and French fluently.

She is a beneficiary in the NetEuratom project, where she continues her activities from the previous NUCL-EU 2020 Euratom NCPs project.

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