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Overview of Work Packages and Tasks


Published on 22 June 2023

​The following Work Packages (WPs) are in place to support the objectives of NetEuratom project :

Work Package 1 - Project Management Lead 

Lead : Praxi Network/FORTH : 

This work package will create the necessary governance structure for effective, efficient implementation and management of project partners to ensure the delivery of its objectives.

Work Package 2 - Network Capacity Building & Excellence

Lead: APRE : 

Under this Work Package, it is expected to increase the NCPs knowledge and capacity through specific training and mentoring sessions addressed to their documented needs.

The following activities will take place :

  • Mentoring sessions : Lead : STUBA

  • Mentoring session will contribute to team building, forge links and build trust among the participating NCPs, at network but also at network level.  In particular, newcomer or less experienced NCPs of the Euratom area will have the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced colleagues.

Trainings: Lead - APRE

At least five interactive training sessions will be organised during the project, mainly online covering horizontal aspects such as Legal and Financial, complementary issues such as MSCA and Missions, as well as on particular aspects of the Euratom Research and Training Programme.  The training activities will be open to all NCPs of the Euratom programme area. In case of on-site training, reimbursement options will be available.

Work Package 3 - Network Matchmaking activities

Lead: PRAXI Network/FORTH.  

Under this work package, it is expected to facilitate networking between applicants of the Euratom program area with the ultimate goal the participation in consortia. Main tools are workshops, brokerage events and pitching sessions. 

  1. They will be facilitated through the following tasks :

  • Brokerage events. Lead: PRAXI Network/FORTH

The aim of this Task is to support networking and collaboration between applicants and relevant actors - particularly newcomers- from different sectors/disciplines or regions. Stakeholders with relevant expertise will be encouraged to discuss project ideas and collaborate for consortium building.

  1. Synergies will be sought with GREENET for Cluster 5 : Climate, Energy and Mobility, HNN3.0 for Cluster 1 : Health, MSCA-Net for the MSCA Programme

Workshops and Trainings for applicants. Lead: TC CS

Two workshops will be organised throughout the project. Their main scope is to promote information about nuclear research and to strengthen and support successful participation in Euratom calls. The workshops target the Euratom ecosystem, including representatives from research, academia, business sector, policy makers and various stakeholders.  

Joint activities will be sought with Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (IGD TP) in the field of radioactive waste, MELODI dealing with low dose radiation research, and other networks such as PIANOFORTE: European Partnership for research in radiation protection and detection of ionising radiation.

  • Alongside with the workshops, pitching sessions will be organised between project initiators and candidate partners.

  1. Collaboration with other networks. Lead: APRE

With the aim to expand the outreach of the Euratom programme area, facilitate potential complementarities and improve the support provided to programme applicants, synergies are foreseen with the following NCP networks:

     GREEENET for Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility

     HNN3.0 for Cluster1: Health

     MCSA-Net for the MSCA programme


Including the EU's Joint Research Center.

Work Package 4 - Communication and Dissemination activities

Lead: CEA

This task focuses on the development of outreach tools such as the present website, a Linkedin account, project promotional material as well as realisation of joint events with other networks, namely important EC Info Days and flagship events (FISA and EURADWASTE).