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Services to Applicants

Published on 31 May 2023

​Raising the general standard of support by the NCPs to the applicants of the Euratom Programme.

Workshops – Trainings (Online and onsite)

Dedicated events will focus on important aspects of the programme, financial and legal rules as well as important initiatives of the nuclear research. Events are important networking outlets between project initiators and candidate partners. Training materials developed will be made available.

​Pitching sessions

Pitching sessions allow applicants to share ideas either from the position of the coordinator or of the leading partner. Pitching sessions will be organised back to back with training events and workshops.

Brokerage events

Networking events whose aim is to facilitate networking among interested applicants of the Euratom programme in nuclear research and training. They provide partnering opportunities between project initiators and candidate participants. To ensure complementarity, joint brokerage events will be organised along other programme areas of Horizon Europe, such Cluster 1: Health, Cluster 4: Digital Industry and Space and Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility. 

​Target audience

Applicants interested in the Euratom programme area, coming from the academic, research as well as non academic sector; they may be particularly interested in environment, ICT, energy and health.