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Services to NPCs

​NetEuratom project provides a framework for collaboration between National Contact Points (NCPs) across Europe and beyond. Net Euratom aspires to form a network where NCPs can interact, acquire on the job knowledge, exchange best practices and receive support for the benefit of their country's applicants.

Catering to the different needs of the newcomer and more experienced NCPs, the following activities are foreseen which are open the entire Euratom NCP community:

Mentoring sessions

Mentoring activities are expected to forge links and build trust among the participating NCPs, at personal level, but also at network level. In particular, less experienced Euratom NCPs, but also newly appointed Euratom NCPs, will have the opportunity to be mentored by more experienced colleagues, following an initial introduction of the different opportunities offered by the Project.


Based on the project's training programme, at least five interactive training sessions will be organised during the project, mainly online. Subjects will include horizontal issues of Horizon Europe as well as in combination with other NCP networks. 

Collaboration with other networks

Synergies between Euratom NCP network and other relevant NCP networks will be developed especially in the thematic areas of Cluster 5, Cluster 1, Widening, Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions, Research Infrastructures. The purpose is to combine efforts, share information and best practices so that NCPs can optimise  support to Euratom programme applicants. 

Published on 31 May 2023